When my sister came to me and asked me to design a “special place” for her family, I knew I had to up my game.  They needed an addition that included a place for dining, entertaining, relaxing and the tv.  And…oh by the way, it needed to be filled with light and open up to the outdoors.  After dozens of iterations we finally knew we got it right.  With so much going on in such a simple space, when it was published in REMODEL magazine in 2010, Meredith Publishing author Carla Jordan dubbed it “THE EVERYTHING ROOM”

Even though the geometry of the room is fairly straightforward, we added layers of classical detailing to echo detailing in the existing portions of the home.  This strategy helps to achieve a remarkably seamless addition.

Tracy Hickman, one of my favorite interior designers, for HICKMAN DESIGN ASSOCIATES was responsible for interior design.