Do you long for a home with yesterday’s historic charm and character yet still want all the contemporary comforts? You’ve come to the right place!


Successful renovations and additions are, by far, the most challenging projects.  With 40 years of experience, we know how to make them work seamlessly and look spectacular.


If you have a historic property, renovations and additions can get to be pretty tricky.  You really need an expert architect to guide you through the maze.


After designing every aspect of your project until we virtually have all the details memorized, who better to manage the construction and simplify your life.



Every architect is proud of their work and want’s to show it off.  We would rather think that some of this work might inspire new ideas for your own project.  We are architects and project managers…not salesmen.  If you have a project and we are the right fit for you, let’s explore that relationship.  If your project is not a good fit for what we do, we will happily recommend some other quality firm that will work better for you.  Simple…old fashioned…but that’s what we do here.

Details Make The Difference

We do Refined Traditional Architecture. Referencing the time tested forms of yesterday’s classic architecture, Remington Architecture creates traditional designs, rich in detail, with interior layouts and other features designed for the modern family, for clients both nearby or in some far away place.

Our projects come in many sizes and tailored to the client’s specific needs and budget. We are just as pleased to design a modest addition to the typical suburban residence, as we are to create a larger country estate.

We have designed many different types of projects. We thrive on traditional homes, small country houses, farmhouses, summer cottages, coastal vacation homes, equestrian facilities, private clubs, as well as sensitive restorations to historic properties listed on the National Register.

Not every project has to be elaborate. We are a strong proponents of the “Not So Big House©” made famous by author and architect Sarah Susanka. Sarah has written several best selling books on the subject of the joys of a smaller home.

We work with clients throughout the nation. While we maintain offices in Illinois and Michigan, quite a few of our projects are located in other states. Serving the client in an out-of-the-way place is a common practice for our firm.

We meet all of our clients personally. To form the best foundation for a successful project, we feel we must be there to actively listen to your needs and aspirations. In addition, a visit to your site and the surrounding neighborhood is critically important.

We use the latest technology. We use the latest 3D visualization, 2D drawing, and engineering software. What used to take weeks to complete by hand can now be addressed on a moment’s notice. Technical information, details,drawings, and other documents are routinely reviewed using todays most remarkable electronic technology.

This gives us more time to concentrate on the client and not on the paperwork


Building Styles

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Building Types

New Homes, New Residences, Additions, Historic Additions, Farmhouses, Summer Cottages, Small Country Houses, Coastal Vacation Homes, Coastal Homes, Equestrian Facilities, Equestrian Centers, Horse Barns, Horse Stables, Riding Rings, Historic Log Ranches, Trophy Rooms, Game Rooms, Second Homes,

Managed Services

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